Feel better in Jaala

”Life is noble in Jaala, waters full of fishes on both sides” sounds an old phrase in Jaala area.

Our hotel is located in the middle of idyllic village of Jaala, near Kouvola city. Opposite of the hotel is a historical yard “Liikanen’s hill” from the 1600s. After that you can see the wide landscape of fields and lake “Pyhäjärvi” (the holy lake). Via the lake you can reach by water large river “Kymijoki” and go hundreds of miles until “Päijänne” lake.


Our hotel

We have changed the old Jaala City Hall as a place of many acitivities. We have ten rooms with 20 beds for accommodation and a lot of many rooms for togetherness, discussions and activities. 

Varaa tästä

1 person room

2 person room

3 hengen huone

Suite for 2-4 persons

A lot to do for everybody

On our yard, neighborhood and nearby villages you can find a lot of possibilities for recovering, sportive activities, discovering history and environment. Many ways to entertain and improve your spirit.

You can also hire the whole hotel as a private event with a quite affordable price. That might be the development day of your work team, family meeting, a course or party.

You can take care of the catering by yourself or order it from us to the extent you like. 

Excellent location for activities

We can arrange different activities, wanderings, tours and other additional programs according your hope taking into consideration also the capacity and resources of the participants.

Jaala is located in the middle of triangle by Heinola, Kouvola and Lahti, 30 km north-west of Kouvola. The travel from Helsinki to Jaala is 160 km.

You can come to Jaala also by train or bus – in the case we can pick you up from the nearest public transport intersection by our minibus